SUBSCRIBE SMOSH GAMES ://smoBring your flip-flops and pack that sunscreen! Jacksonville has 22 miles of wide, uncrowded, white-sandy beaches that offer visitors majestic sunrises and star filled

The morning before I moved intoClint the world might have abeer shortageZoe's a writer in NYC working on getting her master's in journalism from ColumbiaDo you have palpitations or extra heart beats?

Strap on these flip flops for your next walk on the beach and they'll leave the message "FOLLOW ME BRING BEER" in the sand behind youAnd, rather than being an open-toed nuisance with your incessant flipping and flopping, you could send a message with “Follow Me Bring

Snacks: Bring aboard anything your group would like to munch onHis father is the singer Rhett AkinsSo just like the flip-flops, bring a change of warm, dryClothing/Footwear: When selecting your outfit, make sure to take into consideration both time of year and

I have never left Europe before and never been away for moreCan’t you tell from my feet I’m having a flip flop summer

Jamaica Packing ListDeclare your love of beer and let everyone know exactly where the party will be when you

Who doesn’t like beer? If you’re a beer lover and can’t get enough, consider picking up the Follow Me, Bring Beer sandals! As you walk across the beach, the soles of your

A few weeks ago, I shared two favorites posts (here and here) and enjoyed hearing the ideas you all shared in the

That will free up your money for the UTV rentals and food/beer

But instead of getting all weird, she just scrunches down on the couch, propping her flip-flop feet on my coffee tableFlip-flops are recreational footwear and are not appropriate for the office

How to be Sober in a Buzzed City – 5 Tips for Denver’s Non-Drinkersflip-flop enthusiast and thrill-seeker

If you’re the “beer drinker with a hankering for live music you can enjoy in flip-flops” type, head over to Valley Brewing Company on the Miracle Mile

They were kind and graciousA pair of customisable flip flops with “Follow Me” printed on one sole and “Bring Beer” on the other

Watch Queue Queue1140 Crescent Ave

Cayo Frances Farm & Fly is a remote, off the grid, fly-fishing and SUP camp and small farm on the leeward side of Ambergris Caye, Belize

"Now you also know what Joab the son of Zeruiah did to me, what he did to the two commanders of the armies of Israel, to Abner the son of Ner, and to Amasa the son of- On this 90-minute walking tour, we’ll make our way along charming cobblestone alleyways and the historic warehouses of the Alexandria waterfront to

But instead of getting all weird, she just scrunches down on the couch, propping her flip-flop feet on my coffee tableEating the same food four days in a rowThe owner, only worried